Jennifer Tatum Halpert (myghostofasmile) wrote,
Jennifer Tatum Halpert

187. TEN things people wouldn't expect you to own.

187. TEN things people wouldn't expect you to own.

1. My own company. Technically though, I don't own it anymore. I sold it for ... well let's just say Dunder Mifflin Income is chump change.

2. Paris Hilton's CD. She sent it to me as a gift and I didn't throw it out because Heather likes one of the songs.

3. Cowboy Boots. I look really hot in cowboy boots.

4. A Greek Island. I'm that rich.

5. Mint condition collection of the Original Fantastic Four Comic book series. Also, the action figures, never taken out of their box. I'm kind of a geek at heart.

6. A jukebox in my kitchen. With records.

7. Dunder Mifflin.

8. A bat. As a pet. She lives in a cage with a sweet set up in the basement.

9. Custom fit vampire teeth. I like authenticity in my halloween costumes.

10. Every Season of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

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