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all i have is my ghost of a smile

i have a keen interest in paper

Jennifer Tatum Halpert
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Jenny Halpert


prankmemyfriend: My music is not lame.
fancynewbeesly: Oh, but I love when Jim sings.
prankmemyfriend: I can't tell if your being sarcastic.
myghostofasmile: Bad thing about the internet.
mybestbehavior: My personal favorite karaoke is some Gloria Gaynor.
fancynewbeesly: Wait. Was that sarcastic?
myghostofasmile: Andy is staring at me.
myghostofasmile: Make him stop.
myghostofasmile: No really he's freaking me out.
fancynewbeesly: Well, at least he's not hitting on you.
prankmemyfriend: What? I had a call. Andy is staring at you?
myghostofasmile: He always hits on me. He calls me little tuna!
prankmemyfriend: That's mildly disturbing.
fancynewbeesly: Does that mean he's hitting on Jim when he calls him big tuna?
myghostofasmile: It's possible but they were unrelated thoughts. He always hits on me. And he calls me little tuna.
prankmemyfriend: ...
fancynewbeesly: You should hear his rendition of singing The Rainbow Connection in a falsetto voice.
myghostofasmile: There are no words for how much I want to avoid that.
prankmemyfriend: Ha ha, that was priceless.
fancynewbeesly: You're a cruel man, Jim Halpert.
prankmemyfriend: I am not.
mybestbehavior: Michael just sent me an e-mail for a father son picnic...
myghostofasmile: Yes you are.
myghostofasmile: Are you going to go Scotty Boy?
mybestbehavior: Don't call me that. And, no, I'm busy that day.
prankmemyfriend: Never tell a Halpert not to do something.
myghostofasmile: That's what she said.
prankmemyfriend: ...
myghostofasmile: You are so easy.
mybestbehavior: Haha.
prankmemyfriend: What are you laughing at Temp?
myghostofasmile: You can't see me Jim, but I'm rolling my eyes.
mybestbehavior: I can see that.
myghostofasmile: That's cause you're staring at me. God, Scott. I know I'm hot and all.
prankmemyfriend: ...
fancynewbeesly: Should we leave this chat for just you two?
mybestbehavior: Well, you are easy one the eyes.
myghostofasmile: Awww.
prankmemyfriend: I think my eyes are bleeding.


Jennifer Halpert is the youngest Halpert sibling and the only girl. Her older brother Jim is involved with some documentary at his insanely boring job that always seems to entertain him far more than it should. She expects that's because of his co-workers. One of which he's in love with (and Jenny knows this because a) she's met Pam and b) her brother's voice gets that soft smiley lilt when he talks about his best friend). Jenny has been in college in California for the past four years where she started and internet company that took off and made millions. She sold her stock in the company before moving back to her home town, Scranton, PA. Why? Yeah, she has no idea. California is just too much for a girl from Scranton.

Nobody really knows of her sucess except her family and she likes keeping it that way. She has a degree in English and Business with a minor in art but she's just met with the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin for a job. What can she say? She misses her big brother. Her other brother, Tommy, is married with three kids and looks at both his siblings like their crazy half the time.

Nobody ever really got Jenny when she was growing up except Jim even though he's four years older than her and always way too cool. She looks up to her big brother even though he's stuck in a dead in job. What can she say?

Also? That Jello thing? He totally got that from her.

Jenny, You're barely alive -Rilo Kiley

And it’s all the treasures that shine in the street
As we drive right over them
And its all the mornings we missed for sleep
As the sun glides over our apartment
And it’s all the subtle change in landscape and business
Reminds you of your limited time
This time you’ll listen to the movement in your body
How it keeps on despite you and it frightens you
Cause you’re barely alive

You’re desperate in finding something else to please you
You’ve been searching your whole life
Something to mute, change, or just distract you
Something to put inside you to give the illusion of life
Cause you’ve always been barely alive
Cause you’re barely alive
Cause you’re barely alive
You’ve always been barely alive
Have you not?

And the greatest escape that you ever did make
With your arms by your side left it up to fate
And the coast that you’ve seen though you’re watching them weekly
You’ve cursed all perfect days as you walked away
I can hear you say, “Jenny, you’re barely alive”

a metal rods you put in your fucking jaw to keep you from grinding your teeth at night

Cause you’re barely alive
You’ve always been barely alive
Cause you’re barely alive
Always been barely alive


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Jenny is an original character in the Office fandom. I'm not affliated with anyone including Michelle Trachtenberg. I'd love to own Jim Halpert but ... yeah too bad.